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Wind information


BURA  is a dry, very cold northern wind characterised by violent gusts. It blows over the slopes of coastal mountains (Velebit and Biokovo) bringing cold air that – due to its weight accelerates and hits the sea with gale force, causing a lot of troubles, especially to inexperienced sailors because of its strong blows and rapid change of direction. Usually “announced” by thin white clouds (caps) over the summits of coastal mountains, bura leaves you little time to escape or prepare (to reef the sails) before you meat its first stroke. Bura creates very unpleasant short, but considerably high waves with lots of foam and spray.


Jugo is a south-easterly warm Adriatic wind. It blows across the Adriatic when a cyclone develops over the Adriatic area and it brings clouds and rain. It develops slowly and it can usually be noticed two or three days in advance. It usually lasts five to seven days. There is a possibility of the so called dry Jugo, when it blows for a couple of days without bringing rain.


Mistral is a constant mostly thermal Adriatic wind, best beloved by the leisure sailing community. It suddenly collapses around noontime and regenerates soon as a pretty strong westerly to northwesterly wind, depending upon configuration of the coastal range.


Tramontana is a strong northern to northwestern wind generated by passing  the cold frontal over the Adriatic. Of rather short duration, tramontana arrives suddenly and very soon reaches stormy force, causing gales and very rough seas.


Levanat is a cold wind from the East that usually brings clouds and rainfall. Similar to bura it brings low temperatures.   Although good for sailing, due to its force, levanat is not popular in the sailing community because of the cold weather.


Oštro is a rather moderate wind blowing from the South and precedes maestral. Oštro  sometimes keeps blowing all day long, until sunset.


Lebić is a mostly moderate warm and dry  wind of short duration, but generating extremely rough seas and bringing abundant rainfall. Announced by extremely high tides, lebić also causes poor visibility. It is generated by passing of a cyclone eye over the continental part of Croatia and progression of a cold frontal; a deep depression over the north Adriatic causes a strong southwest wind, air pressure fall and unstable cloud.

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Gas stations

Name Location Address Phone/Mob.
BP Biograd na Moru-obala Biograd na moru Obala kralja Krešimira VI 36a 091 4971 315
BP Bol Bol, otok Brač Vladimira Nazora 3 091 4971 224
BP Cres-marina Cres, otok Cres Obala sv. Benedikta 2/a 091 4971 143
BP Crikvenica-obala Crikvenica Petak 12/a 091 4971 145
BP Dubrovnik-Komolac-marina Dubrovnik Komolac, Na Skali 5 091 4971 034
BP Dubrovnik-Orsan Dubrovnik Lapadska obala 31 091 4971 036
BP Hvar Hvar, otok Hvar Janka Zazjala 16 091 4971 226
BP Jezera-marina Jezera, otok Murter Obala sv. Ivana 47e 091 4971 473
BP Korčula Korčula, otok Korčula Dubrovačka cesta 21 091 4971 037
BP Krk-obala Krk, otok Krk Šetalište Svetog Bernardina 8 091 4971 154
BP Lastovo Uble, otok Lastovo Obala Lastovskih ribara 5 091 4971 039
BP Makarska-obala Makarska Obala kralja Tomislava 22 091 4971 235
BP Mali Lošinj-obala Mali Lošinj, otok Lošinj Priko 63/a 091 4971 157
BP Milna-marina Milna, otok Brač Milna 10 091 4971 237
BP Murter Murter, otok Murter Put Gradine 3/a 091 4971 263
BP Novalja-obala Novalja, otok Pag Obala kneza Domagoja 2 091 4971 317
BP Opatija-Lido Opatija Zert 6 091 4971 161
BP Ploče Ploče Neretvanskih gusara 1 091 4971 044
BP Poreč-obala Poreč Rade Končara 2b 091 4971 123
BP Preko Preko, otok Ugljan Artić 4 091 4971 321
BP Pula-marina Veruda Pula Pješčana uvala bb 091 4971 131
BP Pula-obala Pula Riva 3 091 4971 126
BP Rab-obala Rab, otok Rab Banjol 103 091 4971 163
BP Rovinj-obala Rovinj Obala palih boraca NOR 2 091 4971 135
BP Split-obala Split Obala kneza Branimira 7 091 4971 245
BP Šibenik-obala Šibenik Obala Franje Tuđmana 1/a 091 4971 269
BP Šolta Rogač, otok Šolta Obala Sv. Tereze 2 091 4971 252
BP Trogir-marina Trogir Put Ćumbrijana 26 091 4971 471
BP Umag-obala Umag Šetalište V. Gortana 5/a 091 4971 138
BP Vela Luka Vela Luka, otok Korčula Obala 3 20/a 091 4971 049
BP Vis Vis, otok Vis Šetalište stare Isse 24 091 4971 255
BP Vodice-marina Vodice Artina 13A 091 4971 478
BP Vrboska-marina Vrboska, otok Hvar Vrboska 515 091 4971 472
BP Zadar-Voštarnica Zadar Ulica Kneza Branimira 20a 091 4971 329